Antique Chinese Lady's Chest (2988) Circa early of 19th century


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Antique Chinese Lady's Chest (2988)  Circa early of 19th century
This antique Chinese Petit Chest is known as “Lady's Chest” in China. This style of the chest was used in high official or wealthy families during the Ming-Qing Dynasty. The chest was originally made for ladies in those families to store jewelry, handkerchief, and other personal items. Relief carvings of floral design decorate the front of the cabinet. The three-dimensional carvings of this chest show great craftsmanship in the old days. In addition to the two small side drawers and one center cabinet, there are two small hidden drawers at the bottom of the cabinet (next to the carved "apron"). The uniquely crafted copper hardware is original. The chest is handcrafted and structured with wooden pegs and a tenon structure, which is the very traditional craftsmanship for furniture making in ancient China. Can be used as a low table for any occasion or even a solid bench. Circa early of 19th century. Original patina and wear. Made from Elm wood with beautiful wood grain, the chest is very solid and kept in excellent condition.
Size: W41" x D9" x H13.5"
(Ref: 2988)

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