How to identify authenticity of antique Chinese furniture?


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The following are basic elements that you need to use in order to identify the authenticity of antique Chinese furniture. #1: Look at the patina and wear of the piece delicately: The patina and wear of antique furniture come with the age. The patina and the wear of the piece shall look unevenly and scatter to the area that more exposed to daily use (mostly on the surface or front of the piece). The back and sides of the piece shall have less patina and wear. Some pieces may have discoloration of the paint from one side differing from the other side (generally caused by...

How to check the authenticity of a jade item?


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The scratch test is the simplest test that you can do at home. Jade is a very hard stone, much harder than normal steel. The scratch test involves scratching the jade with a needle or knife. You can use a steel kitchen knife and scratch the back of the jade piece. If the metal object leaves a scratch mark on the jade, then it is not jade. Jade has a hardness of between 6.0 and 7.0 on the Moh Scale. The hardness of steel is less than 5.0 on the Moh Scale. Please feel free to contact me at ""...



A common question many Westerners ask is what is a Chinese antique market like? Well here is the answer! The markets we scan for archetypal and staple items range from city to city (Ex: Tianjin, Dalian, HongKong, Shanghai) and each city carries its own ethos and personality. As a native to Tianjin I am partial to the people that remind me of where I grew up. The markets are full of enthusiastic sellers, food vendors, children playing, traditional Chinese music, and stalls upon stalls of antiques! I like to think these places resemble the very first "mall" with a variety...



Ni Hao (Hello) to all! This is a site designed to bring you amazing and unique oriental antiques found at every corner of China. I have personally been on one of many buying trips this summer, and the experience is incredible. We are like real life treasure hunters, combing through markets, villages, and many cities to bring to our loyal customers only the well preserved, authentic, and beautiful antiques! The idea behind Antiques By ZRM, is to bring to all corners of the world the eye-catching relics of an Imperial time gone by. So please look around, keep your mind...