Antique Chinese Arm Chair (5452), Circa 1800-1849


$ 1,199.00

This Antique Chinese Arm Chair is traditional known as "Southern Official-Hat Chairs" (南官帽椅)in ancient China. The intricate carvings of traditional Chinese calligraphy of "double longevity"  decorate the top panel of the back splat of the chair. The second panel on back splat of the chair is carved with "lotus and incense burner" design with "dragon" design motif. The relief carvings on the chair are very delicate and three-dimensional. The front panel underneath the seat is uniquely carved into "arch" shape" with detailed carving lines. The side of the chair has double supportive flanges which is very unusual for chair making back then. The front apron underneath the footrest is uniquely carved with decorative lines. Both the arms and the back splat of the chair are carved with deep curves. The chair is handcrafted and structured with wooden pegs and tenon structure,  which is the very traditional craftsmanship for furniture making in ancient China. This chair is a rare find masterpiece of Qing Dynasty furniture. Made with core of Elm wood with beautiful wood grain, the chair is solid and kept in excellent condition. Circa early of 19th century.  

Size:W24" x D19" x H37"


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